Bourne World War 1 Project
Town Hall Design Idea

The Len Pick Trust in association with Bourne Town Council commissioned a project to celebrate the ending of World War 1.

Local artist Sue Rowland worked with local schools and community groups to ensure it came together to be hung in the Town Hall in the week prior the Remembrance Sunday (11/11/2018).

Both LPT and BTC believe that this was a fantastic way for the town to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ending of the war.

The work consisted of four large panels and a semi-circle of poppies above, plus cascades of poppies for the Town Hall steps and a textile panel for the Darby and Joan Hall.

The aim was to create a dramatic,vibrant display of several large panels which all linked in design and colour.

Bourne World War 1 Project

Darby and Joan Hall Idea